About The Company

Welcome to the largest collection of superhero T-shirts on the finest fabrics, woven from nature. We bring out exclusively for you, the superhero range of men's wear in the most organic cotton and jute fabrics. The cotton shirts for making harsh summers energetic, cool and active just like your favorite character and the jute shirts for the mild winters to keep you thermic.

The season sale has just started

It is not only the natural all-season collection which we offer for you, you have just bumped into the hottest season sale. Our brand of organic T-shirt is available at all major shopping outlets and on our website. In addition to characters like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain Planet, Avengers, X Men etc you can also own T-shirts with your comic companions like Johny Bravo, Dexter, The Flintstones, Simpsons etc. The shirts are designed for all age groups between 5 and 25 and come in small, medium and large sizes. Be it a full-length logo, fading logo, or back logo, you can find them all and choose your collection. Coming in series and secondary two-in-one colors, we cater to the individual preferences of all of our customers.

With cotton shirts, you may find it annoying on wrinkling, color fading and shrinkage. We guarantee you that our shirts do not shrink or fade in color and they will be the most durable items in your closet. We have also kept on sale, the limited edition of wrinkle-free T-shirts. Now, don your superhero in the flash of a second. Arriving shortly, accessories and bag packs in the superhero range for the kids and the youth. The list also includes keychains, pen cases, coffee mugs, trousers and so on. We will be introducing our customizable designer wear of action heroes by the next season. We create for you and you create with your heroes.